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  1. Hi Claire, you asked about the price of Pashmina wool shawls and they basically fall into 4 “quality” categories:

    1. The least expensive ones are actually more for men then they are for women and are more appropriately called mufflers. The goat wool is not taken from the chin, but the rest of the goats winter undercoat. You can purchase these for 800-1500 rupees (which is about $7-14 dollars U.S. currency).

    2. The next 2 categories are similar in quality, except one is a bit more due to embroidering patterns being part of the garment. Without a pattern, you will pay 4000 and with a pattern, you will pay 6000 rupees ($37-55 dollars U.S. currency). I paid 3500 rupees (for the 4000 rupee one) for one shawl and 5400 rupees for (the 6000 rupee one) another, after negotiating.

    3. The most expensive ones will cost 10000 to 12000 rupees because of the detailed stitching on the sides usually. I wasn’t interested in these, as I thought they were too expensive and I couldn’t determine much difference in the quality insofar as touch.

    All of the garments I mentioned above would cost twice as much at least in the United States according to Ram, the proprietor of The Friendly Pashmina store. Hope this helps . . . Steve

    • Thank you very much this is very helpful I bought some low quality pashmina here in the UK and it costs around Β£50 for a scarf so will definitely be heading there for a bargain…thank you πŸ™‚

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