Don’t Let The Monsoon Get You Down

We thought that monsoon season would be the perfect time to travel India: It’s in the summer holidays, its hot, less busy, less money and we are British so a little bit of rain won’t get us down! This was mostly true, the monsoon season is a great time to travel around India, however there was one day that almost had us defeated, it had us questioning whether we had made a massive mistake and should just head over to Thailand… and that was a stormy day on the backwaters of Kerala.

The Monsoon Hitting India

The Monsoon Hitting India

It had been sunny all day and we had been laying on the beach in Alleppey eating Masala Dosa’s and relaxing, we had not seen a spot of rain since arriving in India and where discussing how it must just all be an exaggeration, I mean, nowhere rains like the UK, right,  they just don’t know how to deal with it. As we sit there we see a giant storm cloud brewing in the distance, the giant black wall grows larger and larger as it moves towards us. The sea seems to turn black as the wind picks up, all of the locals start to vacate the beach and yell at us to follow suit, which stupidly we ignore and before we know it we are nearly blown of our feet by gale force winds,  the heavens have opened to pebble sized rain drops and we are completely soaked within seconds.  Turns out that England does not have the worst rain in the world i’m pretty sure that India does, particularly Kerala.

We head inside, and after getting over how awesome the storm was we start to panic. We are supposed to be getting a houseboat around the backwaters tomorrow and they don’t run in the rain, in fact a lot of things don’t run in the rain and India is going to be crap if it is spent inside waiting for the rain that never stops…to stop.

In the morning the rain never let up and we were told that it would not stop for months – GREAT!

Oh...what to do?

Oh…what to do?

We sat around depressed and considering our options when we remembered that the rain will not prevent us from having fun, so what did we do? We headed into town and caught the government ferry for just RPS10 and just as there is a break in the rain we get off in the middle of nowhere and ask a man to borrow his canoe for like £3 and paddle ourselves around(well we get a German guy we met to paddle us around, we can’t paddle).

This is apparently an unorthodox means of transportation, I could tell this by the way that almost every single person who we saw along the way pointed and laughed loudly, one guy even went so far as to have a good old knee slap.

The backwaters where beautiful, and in our canoe we could go down all of the small canals that the houseboats don’t fit into. Even if it is not raining and you are able to do the Keralan Backwaters on one of the houseboats this could be a better way of doing it, we had a great day out and only spent about £1 each.

After this we decided to continue around India, rain will not ruin our trip – all it takes is a little bit of creative thinking.

The backwaters in the rain

The backwaters in the rain


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