I am what you might call a ‘risk taker’ or ‘moron’ however I much prefer the first description… why you might ask? Well, this is because over the last eight years I have travelled to destinations such as Dominican Republic, Haiti, Egypt, Tunisia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Mexico all without getting my vaccinations, there I said it, and I welcome the onslaught of comments telling me what an absolute idiot I am…like I haven’t heard it before!


If truth be told since before I can remember I have had a massive phobia of needles, I genuinely feel as though when I get one that it is somehow going to kill me, stupid I know but it is what it is. I always opted to take the risk, and to be fair it has never led me wrong I remain uninfected.

I am not suggesting that anyone else do this because as I said I am a moron, however I am due to set off on another trip of a lifetime in fifteen days and thought that maybe this time I would like to not constantly worry that I was about to die, also India scares me a little, it preys on a week immune system.

So today, after ten years of being a baby I finally manned up and got vaccinated. I’m not saying that it was easy or pretty in fact the nurse lost her patience with my screaming abdabs and constant mind changing, but eventually I did it and I let her inject me with all kinds of shit.

I have to say that after letting her contaminate me with Polio, Hep A, Typhoid and Tetanus ( oh yes, my body actually hates me right now) I was quite upset that there was no lollypop or sticker telling me what a brave girl I am, I got one the last time I went! Apparently ten years of acting like a baby doesn’t shake off so easily.

The point is that I am proud to say that I am finally protected, just not against Hep B and rabies, the first couple of injections where to traumatic I couldn’t handle any more. So here’s hoping that I don’t get bitten by a ravenous dog then injected with a heroin addict’s needle.


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