Weathering The Storm

After waking up at the crack of dawn lying in a ditch somewhere (not my finest moment) I realised that I had lost my boyfriend and had no means of contacting him. I reached into my pocket and realised that my money and credit card were missing and all that remained was my boat ticket. We had been staying on Kho Samui so my main tasks were to firstly find my boyfriend and then get to a different Island all whilst nursing the biggest hangover in human history.

I wandered the streets of Kho Phangan aimlessly, my mouth dry and desperate for water, I noticed a large crowd of people walking towards me and decided to follow them…they lead me to the docks. I had missed the first boat so sat and waited for an hour for the second; I was hoping that my boyfriend would have the same idea and come to the dock, and that he would still have his ticket or at least some money.


The weather turned, when I had sat on this bench the sun was shining, suddenly black clouds where circling blotting out the light, the winds picked up and the havens opened lashing down on my head. The dock men said that this was to be the last boat as a cyclone could be coming. I had a tough decision to make, my boyfriend was still not here meaning that I would be potentially abandoning him on a stormy island, however I had no money my only possession was this ticket and if I didn’t find him I could end up sleeping on the beach with a cyclone headed my way…..I waited to the end and then I got on the boat, every (Wo)man for themselves.

I felt awful on the way over; I was thinking how do I explain why I left him there? We had both agreed that we would not leave the Island without the other. I waited till the end to depart the boat, slowly shuffling in the crowd my head bowed in shame. When I looked up I saw him standing there looking relieved holding an Ice-lolly and a can of 7up, I ran up to him relieved gave him a hug and then slapped his arm for leaving me and stole his drink. “I knew you would get on the boat” He knows me to well.

Over the next week we found ourselves marooned in our hotel room, all boats to and from the Island where cancelled and the weather was too horrendous to venture outside. On the fifth day when the weather wasn’t quite so awful we decided that we would go to the beach. Maybe five days of boredom had driven us insane, or perhaps I have a death wish or both, who knows why… but we decided that we would go swimming. I walked into the ocean and was met immediately with a smack in the face by a wave taller than myself, throwing me back up to shore. My boyfriend joined me and I clung to him to prevent myself being thrown backwards again and we tried to tackle the waves…we failed spectacularly but it was some of the most fun that I have ever had on a beach.001

On the seventh day the storm had passed, we spent the morning walking along the sand taking photos to make it look like we were living in a tropical paradise and not like we were sitting marooned in hotel rooms playing cards for weeks. Then finally after a week on Kho Samui we gathered our things, said goodbye to the Island and started our journey towards Cambodia.


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