Krapi Krabi And Bad Sales People!

I left Phi Phi Island and headed back over to the mainland and Krabi, this is where I learnt a very vital life lesson…do not under any circumstances listen to a sales man, especially one at the docks.

I am battling my way through the crowds when I am approached by a man holding a hotel directory asking if I needed somewhere to stay. I usually would pay no attention to such claims; however with my lack of research on the area, I realised that I had no idea of where I was, let alone where the hotels were, so I followed him to his desk. He presented me with pictures of some of the most grand hotels that I had ever seen whilst asking me for 5000Bht. I don’t know what about my dirty backpacker look screamed to him this girl can afford 5000Bht a night but he had a serious lack of judgement. After telling him that the most I could stretch to was 1000Bht he showed me some quite respectable rooms with sea front views, ceiling fans, clean, secure, TV but no hot water. I was sold especially when he said that the taxi fare was included.

The taxi driver pulls up outside a guest house, dumps our stuff on the floor and speeds away, when we check in we are led to our room, we walk through the complex full with nice looking rooms and keep going further back, right to the end to a room that is opposite a nightclub, that even at two in the afternoon is making an absolute racket. The windows right next to the front door are broken, quite obviously from a previous break in leaving our room completely insecure. Once inside the room I looked at the smelly old blankets, the broken wardrobe, the broken ceiling fan, Asian toilet with no loo roll, and tap on the wall that was posing as a shower…not to mention that the whole place smelled like rat piss!!!

I turned to the lady showing us around and asked was this some kind of joke.

“no, no…this is our budget room”

“I paid 1000Bht! this room is not worth even a quarter of that”

She looked concerned said “this is your room” and left.

I done some snooping around, asking some other guests and they had paid 800Bht for the rooms that had been photographed, one said that they had been quoted 300Bht for the room I was in, but they did not want to stay in it. I was mortified, not only had I paid more than any other guest to stay here, but I had the worst room and could do nothing about it because a sales man had taken all of the money. I was beginning to understand the benefits of cutting out the middleman!




I left to explore Krabi and did not like what I found at all…the beach is not as nice as the others in Thailand, the area is completely westernised and full of fat middle-aged Americans and Russians eating at the local Tex Mex all you can eat buffet. At the end of the beach you will find a cluster of monkeys that are equally as violent as those on Phi Phi Island, and a set of terrifying death stairs …don’t bother with this climb, it’s quite terrifying and this is what you will see, so now you have no reason to put yourself through this ordeal.


The only thing that I found in this town that was worth anything was a small bar tucked away in an alley behind the Irish snooker halls called Bar ‘4’ You. The land lady was a pleasure and gave me a bottle of the Tamarind Juice so that I could make the cocktails that I loved so much and every single staff member where so friendly and welcoming playing cards with us and having a snooker tournament. I didn’t want to return back to my crappy room from this bar, and for good reason, when I got there all I heard was ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM, Everybody say WAYHO WAYHO’! and other crap 90’s anthems until 4am.


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