Kho Phi Phi – My Paradise

Although the journey to Kho Phi Phi was quite traumatic, when I actually arrived what I found was paradise…well my paradise. I have read so many blog posts slating the island “its dirty its mucky its overdeveloped and full of drunk idiots, not the true Thailand!” well what I have to say is that it IS the true Thailand because it is there… in Thailand! The tourist destinations are just as much part of Thailand as Bangkok or a village in the mountains.

When I arrived in Phi Phi I didn’t find monks or small local villages or the “True Thailand” but I found beautiful beaches, laid back locals, cool beach shack bars and a lot of fun people…what more could you possibly ask for in a place?

I fell in love with the Island; I spent my days lazing on the beach and my nights in the bars sipping a bottle of whisky and a red bull from a bucket. On the Island there are quaint little restaurants, an area selling tasty street food, fantastic masseurs, incredible lookout points, monkeys and some great day trips to the other part of Phi Phi Island.

If you go to Phi Phi you will not ‘find yourself’ or whatever it is all of those pretentious travelers who are doing things the ‘right way’ are looking for, but  you will have a bloody good time.




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5 thoughts on “Kho Phi Phi – My Paradise

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  4. Really keen to go and see Phi Phi for myself as I’ve heard such mixed reports about it. Looks gorgeous to me though and I hate all that pretentious ‘not the real Thailand’ type of stuff!

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