Rotorua New Zealand

As I pull into Rotorua the first thing that hits me is an overwhelming stench of rotten eggs. This is due to the sulphur in the air because Rotorua is rife with volcanic activity and is possibly one of the best places in to world to see the effects up close and personal.

The nose quickly adjusts when you are taking a stroll in the misty local park and you come across a bubbling mud pool. A day trip to the local national park of Wai-O-Taupo or The Craters of the Moon is not to be missed; from geysers to acid lakes the scenery is spectacular with a prehistoric feel.











3 thoughts on “Rotorua New Zealand

  1. I was in Rotorua and although I did go to the hot springs in Waikiki (as suggested by one of the locals. The ones in town charge way too much and were a bit too touristy), I am upset by missing this place you visited. The pictures are gorgeous. Did they have pools for people bathing in? Or was this just hot springs? Regardless, I love your pictures. The place in Waikiki, I loved and they had an area to observe the natural hot springs, but it wasn’t nearly as large as this.

    • There was a pool at my campsite kikw pakka it was free to all guests and was amazing, the best place to find a free pool to bathe in and was not touristy was in Taupo along the river near Hukka Falls…free to use.

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