Australian East Coast Top 5

After spending a month traveling up the beautiful East Coast of Australia I had seen some amazing sights and sadly missed some too. I am sure that Cairns would make it onto most peoples lists however due to numerous fines I was unable to make it the entire way…However, I have compiled a list of my top 5 not to be missed destinations.

5. Noosa

Noosa has a completely different vibe to the rest of the coast, with an upmarket feel, emerald green waters, sand dunes and beautiful wildlife it is not somewhere to be overlooked.


4. Stradbroke Island

Often overlooked by the backpacker crowd, Stradbroke Island is located just off the coast of South Brisbane. Head to lookout point to see amazing views, all whilst spotting wild dolphins, wales, koalas and kangaroos.


3. Sydney

My favourite city in the world! Check out the Sydney Opera House, hit Bondi Beach, Kayak around the Harbour, party in The Kings Cross and go shopping on Oxford Street…the possibilities for entertainment are endless.


2. Byron Bay

A cool contemporary laid back town, situated next to a pristine beach; what is not to love about Byron Bay?


1.  Fraser Island

The world’s largest sand island inhabited by dingo’s and dotted with beautiful lakes. Rent a 4WD and have an adventure of a lifetime on this incredible national park.


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