Travel Theme – Walls

This week’s travel theme over at Where’s My Backpack is Walls…I always find the carvings on walls at great historical sights fascinating so here are my favourite carvings from Angkor Wat and the Mayan Ball Court at Chechen-Itza









15 thoughts on “Travel Theme – Walls

  1. I just completed the wall travel theme and I too included a picture of Chichen Itza… It’s hard not too – the walls are so ornately decorated (albeit the one I have a photo of is covered in skulls and other morbid things).

    • I saw that wall and desperately wanted to go and photograph it, however my guide kept on moving me on 😦 the one in my photo is actually showing the winner of the ball game getting his head cut off, its all a little bit morbid there, though very interesting…thanks for your comment 🙂

    • I still need to blog properly about both, I keep on getting too distracted, Angkor Wat is a definite must see, it should be on the 7 wonders list, more than some of the things that made the cut…I found it better than both Chichen-Itza and the temples at Luxor to be honest its the best historical sight that I have ever seen because it is still in use! take a trip Cambodia is a fascinating country and so cheap I was staying in a guest house with my boyfriend for $2.50 each.

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