Travel Plans for 2013

So, yesterday I booked my first adventure of 2013 and I leave in just nine days, well you have got to take advantage of a January sale. I will be heading to Cancun in Mexico with my dear friend Benjamin where I will be sunning myself, drinking Mojito’s and of course taking a trip to see Chechen-Itza. Please let me know if you have any tips for the area…



I will then be spending some time saving and will be going on a two month trip to India and possibly Nepal in June and July with a friend of mine. Since most of my readers are a well-travelled bunch I thought I would ask if there were any women who have done this part of the world without a male companion? If so, how safe was it? Do the sights outweigh the hassle? Is this a good idea?



At some point in 2013 I also plan to make a trip to Iceland but I will right more on that later.


Feel free to comment with advice, and also let me know what your travel plans are for 2013… 


7 thoughts on “Travel Plans for 2013

  1. Sounds like some good plans. Look forward to seeing how you get on in Mexico as I’d love to go there (that beach looks amazing!). I did 5 weeks in India with a female friend a while back and we did get a lot of hassle but it is a fascinating country. Not the easiest place to travel but still worth it as there are some amazing sights. Good luck with the planning!

    • Thanks Lucy, I’m so excited about Mexico, you have made me feel a bit safer about India knowing that it can be done, my mother has been filling my head with horror story’s (but they always do that)! Just read your post about the Monastery in Jordan, now you have made me want to go there as well 😉

      • My mum wasn’t keen on me going to India either, must be something about the place! One thing I would recommend as you’ve got a good amount of time is splitting it up so you have a bit of sightseeing followed by a few days somewhere more relaxing. I packed it all in a bit much and was exhausted by the time I left. Jordan was fab too, well worth a trip sometime.

  2. Iceland is one of my favorite destination (with NZ). It’s expensive but it’s so amazing. You can feel all the elements. Best period, september for the aurora borealis… (I was there in may :/ )

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