Starvation (Part 1)

Whilst on a bus traveling from Ho Chi Mi City to Nha Trang in Vietnam I fell asleep leaving my purse in my bag, I was unknowing of the fact that my boyfriend, would reach into my bag containing all of our money and bankcards and leave it next to him on an empty seat…for a reason that has yet to be explained to me, because there is no logical reason for anyone to ever do this, EVER! The obvious outcome was that it was stolen… believe me he paid dearly for his stupidity.

Its 6am when we arrive in Nha Trang,  I grab my handbag (believing that I still owned all of my money) and get off a bus that I had been sleeping on for the past ten hours, pick up my backpack and start walking towards town to find accommodation. I find a lovely hostel and try to check in, hand over my passport and am asked for $10. I reach into my bag, feel around for a while, panic sets in “where the F**K is my purse it’s gone”, the crying starts and my boyfriend is being unusually quiet. He runs back to the bus depot to no avail and returns to find me in actual hysterics being calmed down by the receptionist.

I feel terrible, not only have I lost $200 and my bankcard but I had also lost his bankcard that was in the purse. I had totally screwed us; we are in Vietnam and penniless. He let me believe this was my fault for an entire hour before his conscience got the better of him and he told me the truth.

Regardless, this hostel was not letting us stay; so the search began for a place to rest our heads that would not charge upfront. This was difficult and led us on a long, arduous search out of the main town into the local’s domain. We found ourselves at a 4* Hotel, charging way more than we could really afford, whose main custom was the wealthy Vietnamese ( I could tell this by the lack of English spoken by the receptionist).

We exchanged my boyfriend’s passport for a place to sleep, then set about emailing home for help (thank god for free Wi-Fi, or we could not even contact home). Within the hour we had a reply and money was being sent to me via Western Union…halleluiah, thank the lord! Extremely relieved I head to the bank, passport in hand to find the most horrifying sign that I have ever seen in my life “Mon – Fri 9-5” Underneath it said “Fri 9-3 reopening Tuesday” it was Friday, it was 3:30 and it was closed for the bank holiday…NOOOOOO!

I was in the stickiest of sticky situations I had ever been in, for three whole days:

  • No Money
  • No Food
  • No Water

To Be Continued


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