Cockroaches and Alcohol

After a week or two of living in Sydney and being jobless I was down to my last few dollars and decided to book into the cheapest hostel in the City; located in the infamous Kings Cross is Brado’s Backpackers and it is only $14 per night, trust me in Sydney that’s cheap!

We check in and are given our sheets and directions to our room, there is a peculiar looking French man in the room smoking a splif out the window, he looks me up and down and say “mmm…very nice, hello” there was something about him that reminded me slightly of Borat…I can’t place my finger on it, he just had that air about him.

The Hostel was apparently and old insane asylum / mental hospital and it would seem that they kept the original décor. The windows were broken, the curtains were in fact sheets stapled to the wall, the walls were stained with blood and god knows what else, the beds were broken and infested with bedbugs, the air-con was home to a family of cockroaches and so were the kitchen draws; staying in this place was like completing a bush tucker trial. When needs must, we had no more money so begrudgingly we settled in.

On my first trip down to the communal kitchen I was cornered by a large group of fellow backpackers waving a beer bong in my face, holding a box of wine and yelling “DOWN IT, DOWN IT, DOWN IT” well…it would be rude to say no, wouldn’t it? I never had dinner that night, my boyfriend came downstairs expecting some grub and instead found me dancing on the kitchen counter…the rest was a blur, involving some teddy bears, sick and me waking up with my foot in bandages…I really wish I knew what had happened.

By morning me and my boyfriend had been branded the crazy couple from England, the next day I realised that despite having to live in utter filth, this Hostel was awesome; the owners used to go home at 7pm leaving a bunch of drunks in charge…it was either the worst idea on the planet or a complete stroke of genius! For the next three months I could be found waving a beer bong in people’s faces as they entered the Hostel yelling “DOWN IT”!


3 thoughts on “Cockroaches and Alcohol

  1. A while back, I lived in an apartment on William Street (down the street from the big Coke sign in the Cross) for four months and it was by far the sketchiest place I’ve ever stayed! Four of us were living in a two bedroom, cockroach infested place that was attached to a hostel. If we didn’t slam the door shut, it wouldn’t lock and people would wander in looking for the hostel. There were a group of prostitutes directly across the street and they could often be heard fighting with each other. Obviously didn’t know much about the neighbourhood when we moved in! Despite all this, it was so much fun!!!

    • It is so sketchy but I find the locals more amusing than anything else, it was one of the best times of my life…well what I can remember of it lol

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