Top 5 Things To See In New Zealand

I spent one month traveling around both of New Zealand’s beautiful Islands, there are lots of things that I had the pleasure of seeing, and I’m sure plenty that I missed…one month is just not quite long enough to see it all, with that in mind here are my top 5 things to see and do in New Zealand.

5. See Where The Hobbits Live

This one is only for fans of Lord Of The Rings, Located about an hour south of Auckland in the small town of Mata Mata is the Hobbiton Set, you can take a tour and see all of the sights from the movie including Frodo’s House.

4. Do The Hukka Falls Walk
In Taupo you have the huge tourist attraction of Hukka Falls, which are great, however at the falls take a left and keep walking the star attraction of the area is a 30 minute stroll away and is the hot water stream. With Volcanically heated water flowing into the river it remains toasty all year round, and is the perfect way to relax away from the rest of the tourists.

3. Rotorua
Anyone who has been to this town will tell you that it absolutely stinks off egg, caused by sulphur from volcanic activity…However; if you just let your nose adjust you will find molten mud pools in the local parks, incredible geysers, and a wealth of almost unbelievable volcanic scenery.

2. Kaikoura
A stunning stone beach, nestled between two snow-capped mountains on New Zealand’s beautiful south island…sound good? That’s not even the best part, with a multitude of sea life you can spend your day swimming with dolphins, playing with the inquisitive seals on the beach or spotting some wales, then retire to a local restaurant to eat fresh muscles and watch the sun set…heaven.

1. The Glaciers

 New Zealand’s jewel in their crown of natural beauty – Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers. Truly amazing, always changing and sadly disappearing the chance to climb a glacier is truly wonderful, and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and many incredible photos.

If you have your own list or think there is something that I’ve missed, which I’m sure I have feel free to leave a comment and let me know.


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