The Time I Saw A UFO

Queenstown NZ

I was traveling New Zealand with my ex-boyfriend at the time, and had just finished a quick stopover in Queenstown where we went to go white-water rafting on the shoot over. In case you wanted to know Queenstown is an incredible place to visit, picturesque snow-capped mountains and a cool skater vibe it is the adrenalin junkie’s paradise.

After one exhausting day that involved a dangerous ride on a bus through the mountains and rowing ourselves over rapids in a dingy whilst it snowed, we had to set off and travel up to Franz Joseph for a hike up the glaciers in the morning.

A local gave us some advice saying not to do this 6 hour long journey at night due to the fact that it is isolated and dangerous; we of course we ignored this advice and set off. All seemed fine at first, it was cold and late, but then around an hour outside of Queenstown it all turned slightly eerie. It seemed deserted we saw no towns, no shops, no petrol stations and no people for what seemed like hours, just thick trees and then a creepy dense fog that made me feel like I was in a horror movie.

At around midnight the fog started to clear just in time to find some petrol, we bought it from the kind of gas station, stereotypically found in the type of movie – where you are about to get your guts ripped out. It was small and old and locked up, a man with one tooth came out to assist us, he started saying that we shouldn’t be on the road at this time of night, that their dangerous and that if we break down no one will find us till morning…this man was petrifying!!

We continued on our journey when I noticed something rather odd and unexplainable; there was a light hovering in the sky, it was larger than a star and seemed closer somehow, it began to move side to side. We both thought that maybe it was a helicopter but… if it was a helicopter we would keep driving and eventually it would be gone, but it was there for hour’s right in our sight, hovering just above the mountains and moving in different directions, until about two hours later when it just disappeared. It didn’t fade into the distance it just disappeared!!

Now, you may think that I sound crazy but two of us saw it and I’m not saying that it was definitely an alien, possibly military testing, a strange shooting star that is acting out of the ordinary – I don’t know, but whatever it was I am just so happy that I didn’t get anal probed!!!


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