The Time I Went Swimming With Seals

This story happened last year when I was traveling through New Zealand. I was heading to Kaikoura, a stunningly beautiful small town on the East Coast of the South Island. Nestled between snow-capped mountains, on a pebble beach that is teaming with wildlife; Kaikoura is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen.

My trip around New Zealand was somewhat unorganized; I was just kind of, turning up in places and hoping for the best, when I arrived in Kaikoura I got it! A small town full of quaint little eateries and incredible wildlife; however the best thing about this place is the activities. I was faced with the difficult decision of whether to go whale watching or to go swimming with either dolphins or seals. I had already done the dolphin thing before and I figured there are lots of places to see whales so I went with the seals.

So what does swimming with seals entail?

Essentially, you dress up in a wetsuit so you look kind of like a seal (shark food) and go swimming in a colony of seals (shark food). Not sure if you can tell but I’m an itsy bit scared of sharks!

But on a more serious note they take you out to see the different types of seal colony’s, one of adolescent males and the more interesting one, full of the females and most importantly their babies. We waded in the water for a while near their rock waiting for them to come in (they can’t give them food so you are relying on their inquisitive nature) eventually some of the babies come in for a swim and to check out all of the people just staring at them, they are adorable and extremely playful; one of them slapped me in the face.

To top of an already fantastic day some of the wild dolphins popped over to see what all of the fuss was, so I got to swim with Dolphins and Seals in one day, and thankfully no sharks!

What’s the most interesting animal that you have ever been swimming with, and was it worth it?


2 thoughts on “The Time I Went Swimming With Seals

  1. We went out in a dingy to check on some fishing nets in Kaikoura once and there were dolphins in the water, so naturally I hopped in! 🙂 I agree that Kaikoura is a lovely wee place, and nothing beats experiencing animals in their natural element..even if the water was bloody freezing 😉
    P.S. your blog is fabulous! just fyi (;

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